Saturday, February 2, 2008

Oh good, more redpolls!

Friday saw the third reasonable snow event of the winter and so on Saturday access to my usual winter weekend haunts was not easy so, what to post? The obvious answer is more redpoll shots so here they are.

The first redpoll is quite interesting and so I posted this sequence of photos for your delictation. The bird is obviously quite chunky with a broad back and grey base colour. The rump is white but with streaking at the base of the tail, I don't think we have a minimum of 10mm white there. The structure does suggest Hoary Redpoll until you look at the bill which is not delicate. My thoughts are that I would call this a Mealy Redpoll in Europe, here its a common but then so are the darker, less distinct other redpolls with it. I fear there is much to learn about these enigmatic little finches.

Below are another set of shots, all of Common Redpoll although some of the birds are marginal.

Who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies, you fat redpoll you fat redpoll, who ate all the pies?
A little something for the football fans there, incidentally you North American readers, football is played with a round ball that is kicked and the players only dress like nancy boys off the pitch (unless you are Petr Cech that is)!

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