Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trying things out

Quiet birdwise so I played around with the Remembird and managed to record a Northern Waterthush singing away. Taking a photo of the bird was more challenging but I managed a snap through the undergrowth. If you have decent speakers on your computer, click on the video to see a couple of shots with the song as a background.

I also continued to play around with the compact Nikon (nothing from Nikon has appeared in the post yet, perhaps they missed my endorsement), the Mourning Dove below was photographed trying to swallow a whole doughnut sideways. Reverting to the Canon, the Northern Flicker was terrorising the ants in the garden and the Hairy Woodpecker posed nicely.

Just for the record, the Remembird seems to be a real addition to the active birders kit. In Montreal its only available from CCFA. If you want to read up on the recorder Google Remembird. The CFA also have a web site. I'll do a full review in a few weeks when I've had more chance to field test it.

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