Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Saddlebrook Bog

Near where I live is a small bog, Saddlebrook Bog. It is not very big but provides me with common passage migrants and the occasional surprise, such as a Prairie Warbler a few years ago, an Orchard Oriole nearby and fairly regular Orange-crowned Warblers.

The bog is slap bang in the middle of a housing development and under pressure from dollar greedy developers who would happily fill it in and build on it. The local council have some protection for it but its quality is likly to degrade with the news that the small woodland between it and a feeder lake will be taken out and built on, bye bye Ovenbirds, Red-shouldered Hawks etc etc.

Until it does end up the road it was designated to be, cynical I know but sadly realistic, it will continue to be attractive to birders and naturalists alike. The good news is that it has a shiny new boardwalk which will be open to the public soon hopefully. The fact that the public are already using it, and so are their dogs, means that it is now fair game so I joined the party.

It is well constructed and a pleasure to walk but I was a little surprised to find it cuts off the main drag at a right angle and plunges through the actual bog, ending in a previously unkown (to me) path into the soon to be lost wood. It certainly puts a new spin on conserving habitat by pushing paths through it, still, I have made a couple of sorties in the past few days, the results are below.

A few views.

Above a couple of the many Baltimore Orioles around the bog.

Great Spangled Fritillary, common in the area.

Below, one of a couple of female/imm Scarlet Tanagers present.
The first fall warbler, an imm Magnolia.

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