Saturday, October 11, 2008

Autumn colour

I took the opportunity to spend an hour at the pits on Wednesday 8th October, the weather was fair and there were a few birds to enjoy.

Despite the dearth of shorebird habitat, the pits have continued to suprise and I added Baird's Sandpiper to the year list. Also there were three Pectoral Sandpipers, three Black-bellied Plovers and a Dunlin.

With the influx of geese comes the autumn cull by local shooters. Judging by the 15 or so corpses around the pits they are hitting and wounding more than in recent years, leaving them to die in their pits roost. I suppose I should be grateful that they don't shoot there and long may that continue. A few Snow Geese are also around but I did not see any casualties amongst them.

A opportunist Coyote was hanging around on the far shore of the pits, perhaps 600m away, hoping for a goose meal. I took a short video before he realised the attention he was attracting and reverted to being wily.

Moving on to the small wood by the sports complex car par, lots of American Robins were feasting on the berry crop while Yellow-rumped Warblers chipped from every bush. I had hoped to find a Winter Wren, I have them in the garden now and so there had to be a chance. As good fortune would have it I found a Brown Creeper instead, Pits tick 295.

Finally a pretty shot of the trees in the garden. Dark-eyed Juncos are definately in with perhaps 20 around, time to put the sparrow seed out.

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