Saturday, December 20, 2008

-15 ha, I laugh at your so called cold temperatures

Its been a bit nippy of late with more snow but it didn't stop me getting out on Saturday afternoon around the lanes of St-Clet. Below a not great piece of video of one of the Snowies, a female I think, note the extensive white patches either side of the back of the neck. She was the second bird of the afternoon, the first being a very dark immature, new for the area, individual number six of the winter.

A little later on I took a different route home and chanced upon the first male of the winter. It sat imperiously atop a rather tall tree and just would not look at me, the net result being a record shot of its side, good enough to ID it again.

Very little else was at large, a few Snow Bunts again and a couple of Lapland Longpurs were all I could muster, perhaps tomorrow will be better.

I'm still using the spice jar lid but In-Focus Optics UK assure me that my digiscoping rig is on the way so perhaps the first post of the New Year will be an improvement.

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