Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lucky Owl

Having just dropped off my tax documents for the annual pay all you earn session, I thought I'd go out looking for Snowy Owls via the fields west of Hudson. The Great Grey Owls there had not been reported for a couple of weeks but off-chance often works and so it did this time. One owl was reasonably close to the road although slightly obscured so I took a few quick photos.

During the time I was there, parked on the road but well visible, three cars cruised by and were not in the slightest bit inconvenienced. Unfortunately the fourth car was a Police cruiser piloted by someone's twelve year old daughter. She told me 'mister you are blocking the road'. I tried a little logic but she probably dozed off during that class so I had to move. My last gambit was to offer her a view through a scope but she declined, a future Police wildlife liaison officer in the making I think.

The area around St-Clet was Snowy Owl-less but 170+ Horned Larks indicated a spring build up, 70+ Snow Buntings were in their roost and a couple of Pine Grosbeaks were at a feeder.

I tried St-Lazare sand pits but the snow banks are now over six feet high so only two tree top dwelling Northern Grey Shrikes were seen.

It was good to get out for a few hours birding, especially as last weekend was spent shoveling snow off the roof. We now have a 14 foot high mountain of the stuff running the entire length of the house and I can't see some of the feeders, disaster!

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