Saturday, March 1, 2008

No really, it is a Great Grey Owl!

In what looked like perfect Great Grey Owling weather I risked life and lung walking the tracks west of Hudson this afternoon hoping to locate and perhaps photograph one of the two Great Grey Owls in residence. The walk ended up being just that but with a small flock of Bohemian Waxwings with a few Cedars thrown in and an inquisitive Northern Grey Shrike as compensation.

The shrike actually flew off the top of a tall tree and landed in the bushes beside me, it then ran through the bushes in the same way that I once saw one chasing an American Tree Sparrow around our garden.

After the walk I tried the roadsides west of Finnegan's Market and viola, there was a distant bird, so I took a distant shot, some might call it atmospheric, I'd call it garbage but then I'm not artistic.

The only bird event during the week was the return of Peregrines to the Ille Aux Tortes bridge which I cross twice a day, those dozy pigeons will be getting their spring wake up call anytime now.

Below un-treated, then one with auto-levels, either way they are aweful and the shrikes not much better c'est la vie.

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